About Superior Door & Glass

Door & Glass in Denver, CO

Superior Door & Glass was started in 2006 out of a desire to do things right. Our owner has been in the glass business since 1986 and our installation team averages over 25 years of experience. We have been building shower doors and glass projects for the last few decades. We have learned from others and found what we believe is the best system for doing our work right. Why should you want us to work on your project?

We are focused on producing a quality product. For example, when we build a glass shower enclosure, we start with two measurements. One we measure with a lasers and the other we do the old fashion way, with tapes, levels and experience. Bringing new and old methods together, we find high and low spots in the tile and prevent these errors from showing up in the final product.

Shower doors are not created equally. We use the highest quality products manufactured. We know our doors will last and we offer a lifetime warranty on our European shower enclosures. The hardware we choose is designed to exceed the weight of the average door. The weight rating on most frameless shower door hardware is 80 lbs. and 28” wide. Our hardware is rated for a 100 lbs. door up to 36” wide. We test our hardware to ensure we have the absolute best.

We have nice people that work here. Not only do we do a good job, we do it with a smile. We are professional and friendly. When our clients are happy – we’re happy!

We offer the best warranty in the State of Colorado because without quality there is no value. We treat every project as an opportunity for excellence. We are locally owned and operated and follow a continuous process for improvement in order to stay the best at what we do!